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stethoscopeAs a practice we feel it is essential to be involved in the training of future Doctors and we are regularly involved in teaching undergraduate medical students and qualified Doctors who are training to be General Practitioners (GP Registrars). Registrars have completed their hospital based training and are spending their last year in General Practice, working towards their final GP exams. Registrars have their own surgeries but can access senior GPs for help if needed. Medical Students will always be closely supervised. We find that teaching enhances our skills and knowledge and we feel this helps us to offer the best care to our patients. We are very grateful to patients who feel they can help us by seeing students and giving students an opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Reviewing video recordings of consultations are a valuable tool for Registrars to improve on their consultation skills. You may be asked to consent to having your consultation video-ed. The video would only be viewed by the Registrar, their trainer (a senior GP) and occasionally other GP Registrars during group learning sessions. If you do not wish to be recorded do not hesitate to inform the Registrar and your wishes will always be respected.

We respect that some patients may not wish to see students or have them present at a consultation. You will always be advised if the GP you are seeing has students in their surgery, and you will always be able to say that you would prefer not to have students present. There is no need to explain why you would prefer to see the GP on your own and your wishes will always be respected.

If you have any queries or concerns about students, our reception staff and GPs will always be happy to talk to you about it. Please remember there is no obligation for you to see students and you do not need to explain why you would prefer not to.



We are a dedicated and enthusiastic training practice. Our modern, purpose built premises offer first class training at Ash Trees. Our facilities include fully equipped training rooms. We have an experienced and approachable clinical and administrative team, including 11 partners, 4 salaried GPs, 1 Advanced Nurse Practitioner and 5 Practice Nurses, who work closely to provide the highest standards of patient care and support trainees to achieve extensive clinical experience, comprehensive coverage of the GP curriculum and prepare for life as a GP.

We have on-site access to a number of community services including District Nursing, Health Visitors, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Community Mental Health Workers and Smoking Cessation clinics. In addition we have our own Dispensary and Pharmacy allowing us daily access to our knowledgeable clinical Pharmacy team.

We have over 25 years experience as a training practice. We often have 4th and 5th year medical students alongside our GP registrars. We are always happy to accommodate students, enabling them to experience all aspects of primary care. Our experienced chronic disease trained Practice Nurses also assist in teaching students.

The main surgery in Carnforth boasts an enviable location in a semi-rural town with easy motorway access to the Lake District, and Manchester. We also have 4 branch surgeries in the surrounding villages of Bolton-le-Sands, Silverdale, Arnside & Halton that provide variety and improved access for patients. We are 20 minutes from Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal, where the Day Release course is held.

We welcome enquiries and visits from any prospective trainees. Please do contact us if you would like to arrange an informal visit and chat.