Non NHS Fees

Certificates and Forms
Private letters£36.00
Private sick note£30.00
Private medical insurance claim form£40.00
Insurance (sickness/accident) or holiday cancellation claim form£48.00
Any other private certificate/form (Simple)£48.00
Any other private certificate/form (Complex)£72.00
Vaccination certificate£30.00
Other medicals/reports
Report no exam£84.00
Report with examination£180.00
COP3/LPA with Home visit£192.00
LPA certificate provider only£84.00
Pre-Employment Reports/Occy health (simple)£60.00
Pre-Employment Reports/Occy health (complex)£84.00
 Employment reports (sickness)/Occy health (simple)£50.00
 Employment reports (sickness)/Occy health (complex)£70.00
Private patients
Private patient (see TR rules) normal consultation£50.00 (per 15 mins) + cost of drugs
Private prescription only no consultation£20.00 + cost of drugs
Please note: These prices are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) at the current rate of 20% and some prices may be subject to change.