Repeat Prescriptions

How to order your repeat prescription

Whichever way you choose to order your repeat prescription, please allow four full working days for it to be processed. Any items that you order which are not ‘repeat’ items may take longer as they will need to be authorised by the Medicines Management Team.


The easiest and quickest way to order your prescription is online via the NHS App or on the Patient Access App or website. The NHS App can be set up easily with no extra information required from the surgery. Only your repeat items will appear on the online booking platforms but there is a blank box where you can request any non repeat items or to let us know the reason if you are ordering early e.g. ‘ordering early for holidays’. If you check back on your App after you’ve ordered and it tells you that it has been processed, this means that we have accepted your request but does not mean that it’s ready to collect – please allow the usual four days.

Repeat Slip

You can order your medication using the request slip of your prescription which will have your medication listed on it. If you need to order anything that doesn’t appear on the slip then please handwrite the additional items at the bottom of the list. If you are ordering early for holidays then you can write this on the slip too. There are boxes where your repeat slip can be posted at all of our branches and you can also post them to us if this is more convenient.

Community Pharmacies

You can no longer order your prescription via a pharmacy (either online or a chemist shop) unless you are classed as a vulnerable patient or have your medication in dispensed in dosette boxes.


We don’t take prescription requests over the phone. However, elderly housebound patients who have a pre-arrangement with the surgery can still order their medication by telephone.

Diazepam policy

Ash Trees Surgery do NOT prescribe sedatives/benzodiazepines (eg diazepam) for fear of flying. This policy decision has been made by the GP partners and is adhered to by all prescribers in the practice.

For further information please read Ash Trees Surgery Diazepam policy

Order Your Prescription Online

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